At Maddox Media, we believe in doing one thing really well. And our thing is VIDEO.

We’re a full-service corporate video production company and we create cinematic, share-worthy videos that help build your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Our team of film professionals, creators, marketers, and storytellers is passionate about bringing your business’ stories and successes to life. It’s basically all we think about. We help you tell your brand’s stories so you can do what you do best: reach new clients and grow your business.

It’s pretty straight-forward: we offer comprehensive services, with top-of-the line equipment and production techniques. From script-writing to casting, to shooting and editing, we customize every element of every project.

So, we actually do a lot of things really well. But they all come together into one really great thing: your epic and awesome video.

Are you ready to get epic? We can’t wait to work with you.

(And did we mention we’re fun? We’re fun. You’ll like us. We promise.)

Maddox Media creates share-worthy videos, branded stories, and lasting relationships.

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